Terms of use


1.1. By registering on our service, you agree to these terms in full.
1.2. Administration is not responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of using this service.
1.3. If the users ignore these rules, or in the case of non-compliance with the rules in the УProject RulesФ section, the administration reserves the right to delete, block or fine a user account without warning and without giving any reasons.
1.4. Administration can make changes to these rules without notifying users.
1.5. If the user has registered false data in the registration, the administration has the full right to delete it, block it, fine it without warning and not pay money until the profile data is corrected.
1.6. Letters sent to administrations that have obscene content, are offensive or threatening will be ignored, and users will be deleted.
1.7. When trying to mislead the administration (deception), measures will be taken to remove, block or fine the account.
1.8. By registering on a project, the user agrees to be someone else's partner, and agrees not to express his claims about this to the administration. Otherwise, the administration has the full right to block or delete a user account (at its discretion).
1.9. Project Administration is not responsible for the possible decrease or increase in earnings and activity of partners.
1.10. If you pay for any services on the service and then refuse to use them, the money will not be returned.


2.1. Maintain confidentiality of registered user information received from him during registration (except for the wallet number).
2.2. If technical problems arise, resume the website operation within 3 days, including weekends and holidays.
2.3. Pay users earned money within 24 hours, but in case of unforeseen circumstances payments can be suspended for a period of 7 days.
2.4. Reply to emails sent to customer support within 24 hours if the questions of these emails are not described in the FAQ (FAQ).


3.1. When registering, provide true information in all fields of the registration form.
3.2. At least once a week, familiarize yourself with these rules.
3.3. Do not register more than one account from one computer. If two or more accounts are found, they are blocked or deleted (at the discretion of the administration). Also removed all applications for payment, if any. Logging in to two different accounts from the same computer is considered a violation of the rule.
3.4. When detecting faults or some errors in the site script, report to the support service.
3.5. Do not attempt to hack the site and do not use possible errors in the scripts. In the second case, refer to clause 3.4. When attempting to hack, the administration has every right to delete, block or fine an account.
3.6. Do not use SPAM in any way for advertising your affiliate links (mail, forums, guestbooks).
3.7. Do not publish abusive messages, defamation and other types of messages spoiling the reputation of the project or users.