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This section contains the most common questions and answers to them. The section is constantly updated. If you have already read this section and you have any questions about the answers to which were not here - read the section again, maybe the answers have already appeared.

How much can I earn here?

Your earnings directly depend on the power of your processor and the amount of time that the tab will open with our site. Do not consider browser mining as a substitute for basic income or compare an open browser window with professional mining on dozens of expensive graphics cards. This type of earnings can be regarded as an analog of work in the bookshops, in contrast to which you do not need to constantly go to sites and solve the captcha, there is nothing to do at all. Just leave an open tab with our site and do your own thing. There is nothing complicated in this, but it will bring you some extra money, which is unlikely to be superfluous. More serious earnings here can be achieved by working with our affiliate program.

What can you do with the earned VC?

Earned VC can deduce.

What is the course for the conclusion VC?

Current course for withdrawal VC available on the page output. What is written after the words "Current course:" this is the current rate VC, in rubles (RUB).

Where can I withdraw VC?

VC can be displayed on the page output.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal VC?

The minimum amount for withdrawal is indicated on the page output. What is written after the words "Minimum withdrawal amount:" is the minimum amount for withdrawal.

On which payment systems can you withdraw the earned funds?

Earned funds can be displayed only on those payment systems that are listed on the page output. If there is no payment system in the list, then we do not have the output to this payment system. You can withdraw funds through any payment system available from us and exchange it for any other through exchangers.

How many VCM at VC?

Constantly different amounts, depending on many factors, such as the number of connected miners, etc. If the quantity were stable we would work without VCM and reprocessing, immediately credited VC, unfortunately at the current time it is technically impossible.

How long does it take to earn the minimum amount for withdrawal?

Completely depends on the power of your processor and the amount of time that the tab will open with our site.

What will happen to the money earned if you leave the account or turn off the computer?

Earned VC will remain in any case. If you return to your account in less than 24 hours, the remaining ones from the previous login VCM processed in VC. If you will not be more than 24 hours remaining from the previous entry VCM will burn.

Are there any additional fees? Do I have to pay anything here?

No. You do not need to pay anything. Also we have no restrictions that are charged for payment. At us as a whole on a site there is no functionality for reception of payments. Only for payments.

Why is the income so small?

For mining of more impressive amounts, you can buy 150 video cards at 50,000 rubles for each, build a mining farm from them and fully run the bitkoyn. From an extra tab in the browser, you will not achieve the effectiveness of professional mining. We have amateur mining aimed at maximum ease of use. The main emphasis on income we make on affiliate program.

Why is it deducted VCM?

VCM is subtracted when processed in VC. In this case, between subtraction VCM and adding VC may take some time.

Why is not charged VC?

VC is charged every 30 minutes. If you are on the page less than 30 minutes - VC not accrued. Same VC very slowly accrued if you have a weak processor (speed less than 5 VCM/s), in this case, the accrual VC can occur more than 30 minutes. If this does not accrue and VCM - then you generally do not work out the mining.

Why does mining not work?

  • You may be using an invalid browser. Try changing it.
  • Perhaps your browser has plugins / extensions / add-ons blocking the work of the miner, try disabling them.
  • You could disable the miner yourself. If the speed slider (at the top right of the page) is shifted to the left in the canyon - then the miner is off, move the slider to the right.
  • Some anti-viruses can recognize the minor as a malicious program and block its operation, in this case, disabling the antivirus, or adding the miner to the list of antivirus exceptions (if the antivirus provides this capability) will help.
  • Perhaps you have additional tabs with our site, in which case the mining will work only on one of them. Try closing all additional tabs and refreshing the page.
  • Mining may not work if communication channels (Internet) are interrupted.
  • Technically, your ISP could block mining (an unlikely event).
  • If the mining was working and then stopped - refresh the page, restart the browser. If it does not work, you may need to update some application (for example, antivirus) or plug-in / extension / add-on in the browser that started blocking the work of the miner, try disabling them.

Why do antiviruses block mining?

Antiviruses usually block any programs associated with mining, because the program-miners are often installed in the form of Trojans and minjuts on your computer money in someone else's wallet, without your knowledge. Antiviruses can not recognize - you yourself use the miner and understand what it does, or you installed it without your knowledge. Antiviruses simply block the work of any miners indiscriminately. Exit two - either disable the antivirus, or refuse to mining.

Can I mine in multiple browsers?

Can. But it will not give a significant increase in production. In some cases, the performance may even decrease.

Is it possible to mine from one account on multiple devices?

Can. The performance of all devices will be added together.

Can I register more than one account?

If all will be mined then it is possible, otherwise those that are not mined can be blocked.

Will the processor burn?

From the operation of the browser can burn only a very low-quality or defective processor, or a processor with a problematic cooling. Such a processor in any case will burn, although you will be hacked on our site, although you will not. Browser mining creates on the processor the same load as computer games or programs for video processing.

Why is your currency not traded on exchanges?

Because this is a local currency, which actually consists of other crypto-currencies (which are traded on exchanges). In the future, after a complete revision of the current project, it is planned to issue a full-fledged crypto currency, which will be traded on exchanges.

How it works?

Our system gives your browser the task to mine a certain crypto currency, this crypto currency is converted into VC which are credited to your account. We change the actually earned Crypto-currency through exchanges / exchangers to dollars / rubles and pay you, leaving a part to yourself. At the moment we use third-party solutions for mining, which take their commissions, and in the process we develop our own mining system in order to significantly increase the cost VC (approximately twice) in the future.

What is a private office?

The personal cabinet is a site after registration and an input. After entering (entering login and password) you are in your personal account. If at the top right you have the links "Profile" and "Exit" then you are in your personal account. To exit the private office, click the "Exit" link at the top right.

What is the link to invite new partners?

You can invite new partners by clicking the link in the section affiliate program under the inscription "Your link for inviting new members:". All users who register after moving through your link will be registered for you, and you will receive a percentage of their income.

Why does the invited member not appear in the invitees list?

  • If a member does not appear in the list of invited participants, then he did not register with your link.
  • Some users, instead of registering by invitation, first look for information about the project in the search engines and register not at your invitation at last, but on the links found in search engines - this is the most common reason.
  • You may have passed the wrong link for registration. The link should be exactly as indicated in the affiliate program section. Some users in their advertisements add punctuation marks to the end of the link or forget to put a space between the link and the next word - such links are not valid, registration by such links will not be equal to registration at your invitation.

Why can not I login after registration?

  • If the site shows an error and offers to refresh the page. This is a problem with JavaScript handling. Either your browser is disabled JavaScript, or its work is blocked by some applications / extensions installed in the browser. Try disabling them.
  • If login or password is not suitable - try to enter e-mail instead of login.
  • Approximately 5% of users can not correctly fill out their E-Mail, we are constantly registered with boxes in the zones "mail.ri", "mial.u", "", "yandx.ri" and so on , there are no such email services. These users usually just casually fill in their login, password and payment details. If, after successful registration, you can not enter your personal account due to an unsuccessful login (e-mail) or password, you may be from among such users, and at registration you entered the wrong data under which you are trying to log in.
  • If the password is not suitable and you know for sure that it is correct - maybe your account was hacked, the password is changed. Most often, this can happen if you use a simple password or use the same password when registering on different sites.