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What is Ruble Mining

What is cryptocurrency? These are certain numbers that satisfy certain conditions. These conditions are spelled out in the analogue of the "charter" of each type of crypto money. A peculiar analogue is the prime numbers. Only their number is unlimited, but the values ??that satisfy cryptocurrency conditions, on the contrary, are strictly limited (albeit many). Such is the nature of virtual money, but where is mining rubles?

Essence of mining

The task is simple: to detect all possible values, you need to consistently run the algorithms and get one value after another. So bitcoins are born (and all other electronic currencies, too). And the process is called mining - from the English mine — dig, because you need to literally shovel all the possible values ??in search of a valid method of simple enumeration.

In this way, cryptodengi is obtained, but not at all classical rubles or dollars. However, if it is possible to convert any currency (including electronic) into any, nothing limits miners in creating accounting equivalents. Those. Of course, crypto-money is mined, but it is their equivalent in classical currency that is taken into account. In our case, these are rubles.

The advantage of mining in rubles

The main advantage of such an organization for the extraction of cryptocurrency is taking into account such factors as the growth of its market value in the results of mining. After all, ruble mining implies that crypto-money is mined and conditionally sold immediately. For rubles. Therefore, if the rate of cryptocurrency is growing during this period, then the investor who organized the process of mining virtual coins, on the machine will also receive a profit from its stock exchange growth.

The process of ruble mining makes investing in the industry of mining crypto money (and bitcoins in particular) more attractive for potential investors. And the repeated increase in the market value of the electronic asset at all global financial sites makes it possible to realize how much more profitable

Cloud mining in rubles

Cloud mining has become very popular. In the process of growing popularity of cryptocurrency, the process of take-off of its exchange value was observed. There are those who mine crypto money professionally and in an industrial scale. However, equipment for mining is not such a cheap topic.

The capacity of the enterprises producing cryptocurrency (or mining farms) depends on the number of computing equipment involved in the process. As a rule, these are video cards. The more of them, the higher the performance of the farm. Plus substantial economies of scale. So it turns out that you need to somehow attract funds.

The most profitable for the organizers of the farms (in terms of simplicity / cost) was the raising of funds through a proposal to third parties to acquire virtual mining capacity. People buy certain conditional pools that consistently bring them income. They pay real money for these pools, which the organizers of such projects spend to purchase miners. With the help of purchased equipment, such farms have the opportunity to pay with "investors".

And here it is especially interesting ruble mining, because the outsider doesn’t want to go into the complex ratios of terahesh - bitcoin - dollar - ruble. It is much more convenient if the administrator immediately tells him how much he will receive in rubles for each unit of his investment.

The task of the administration of the mining farm to find a balance between the resources mined with the help of miners and those that need to be paid as dividends to depositors (in the educated cloud mining). If you do everything correctly, then ideally you can get mining without investment (by the organizers). It remains only to record profits.

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